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The people behind the pizza...


"The restaurant opened on September 11, 2006, a date easy to remember but not done on purpose. Prior to opening we had been having test sessions to help train our staff and make sure the kitchen was ready. One Friday afternoon Cheston and I [Peter] looked at each other and asked if we were ready. The answer was yes, and we decided to open the following Monday. It was only later in the week when we discovered it had been September 11th".

Getting ready to open was a several months process for the Broomell Family. And they truly are a family owned business. Peter, a former professional photographer, Christine Broomell, a former federal government worker at FLETC, and their son Cheston - the guy with all the pizza making experience.

The space started with no walls or ceilings and a dirt floor. Cheston and Christine handled the design and color scheme and Peter decided on photography as a theme for decor. You'll see photography from local artists on display throughout the pizzeria. You can even purchase your favorite works, just ask!

"Since we've been open we've thoroughly enjoyed serving the Brunswick community and look forward to many years of good eating ahead."

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Brunswick's favorite neighborhood pizzeria.

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